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Application & Service Management
sympacon delivers services that enables our customers to oversee and optimize the software applications and business processes within their organization. It encompasses the efficient maintenance, enhancement, and strategic alignment of applications, as well as the continuous improvement of business processes to enhance overall operational effectiveness and achieve organizational goals. This service often includes activities such as application portfolio management, process analysis and optimization, system integration, and ensuring that technology solutions align with the business objectives of our clients.
SAP Financials Consulting
sympacon provides specialized expertise in configuring, implementing, and optimizing SAP solutions within the financial domain. This service focuses on leveraging SAP's financial modules to streamline and enhance financial processes such as accounting, financial planning, reporting, and analytics. Our SAP Financials Consultants work closely with our clients to understand their requirements, align SAP solutions with business goals, and ensure effective utilization of SAP's financial capabilities to improve overall financial management and reporting within the organization.
SAP Logistics Consulting
sympacon offers expertise in configuring, implementing, and optimizing SAP solutions within the logistics and supply chain management domains. We collaborate with our clients to enhance and streamline processes related to procurement, inventory and warehouse management, order fulfillment, and transportation. Our SAP Logistics consultants work to align SAP solutions with the specific logistical needs of our clients, ensuring efficient supply chain operations, real-time visibility, and effective utilization of SAP’s logistics modules to improve overall business performance.